Custom T-Shirt Landing Page

In May of 2011 I set out to increase conversion rate on our “Custom T-Shirt” landing page. Variations of the keyword “Custom T-Shirts” (including “Customized Shirts”, “Personalized Tees”, etc.) are our most expensive and highest volume paid search terms. If we could improve our conversion rate on these terms, then we could afford to increase bids, and bring in more revenue.

To do this, I redesigned the landing page and ran an A/B test using Google Website Optimizer (which has since been merged into Google Analytics).

I redesigned the Custom T-Shirt landing page with a specific strategy in mind. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to divulge many details in this post because that knowledge belongs to eRetailing. We can’t give away all of our secrets. Instead, I will show you four screenshots: The new landing page, the old landing page, the A/B test experiment results, and our revenue graph (sans numbers) showing the increase in revenue after the test.

(The revenue graph also contains the margin graph, which shows that we were able to increase revenue without sacrificing profitability. I include this because it would be pretty easy to raise revenue drastically if we simply spent a lot more money on paid search… but that would not be profitable.)

This was a successful experiment. Conversion rate went from 1.40% to 3.75%. Click images to embiggen.


Jeff Benzenberg

Jeff Benzenberg is a digital marketer living in Columbus, Ohio. He spent 13 years at eRetailing, eventually becoming their Director of Marketing. He is now a Client Strategy Director at Conversion Path. He likes movies about time travel and songs about shipwrecks. SoapFusion is his personal website.